From the recording Luminosity

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This is extremely personal for me, and touches on my thoughts and feeling after losing my dad. It's a hard confusing time for me in my life, and I feel this song sums it up in a beautiful way.


To an Unreceptive World
[I'm not mad at you no I'm mad at the world this stupid fucking circle that we're walking on

I'm mad at myself been seeing red for years guess up to this point I was just color blind

No I'm out of tears can't take it away there's nothing left just a sentimental memory]

Now I'm forced to move on I'll never forget you will always be a part of me

The good and the bad selfishness explained there is no need to blame you anymore

I undersand I didn't back them sometimes you don't know what path to take until it's too late

At least you tried to fix it in the end


All I got left are these words on the screen

And a few choice memories that weren't so bad but they weren't so great

I get so mad sometimes when I think about all the things that we could have sone better

I know that I was hard to deal with and you had your own problems

But I feel like we moved past all that bullshit and I wish we would have talked more

And now that beer we never really bonded here but all I wanted was for you to see me

Grown into someone who made you proud but I'm left and -you're gone-X3