1. Elliot

From the recording Luminosity

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Sometimes becoming better requires breaking what is there to the ground and building something stronger in its place. The most beautiful things in this world come from pain. It's the end of the book and the beginning of a journey.


Elliot (From the Pain)
How do you do the things that you

Do you think that there's a way

If I try really hard I could do the same

They say that I've got a gift but it's driving me insain

I try to do the best I can but I'm losing my faith

{Polish the edges that I have show me how to take your place live life like there is no tomorrow but know that

[-Magic doesn't come from talent it comes from the pain-X2]

It's not like in the movies no ones gonna save the day

So keep your eyes wide open and listen to what I say

We make what we believe and you believe in what you see and

Edges made for slaying dragons hone your steel and learn to bleed

{Polish the edges that you have show me that you can take my place live life like there is no tomorrow but know that


I could never fill your shoes so I'm forced to wear my own

You led me to the sword but I pulled it from the stone

Let me show you why you can believe in me the same way that I went blind to see

You pushed me to the edge and sometimes way too far

Because of that I'm coming back stronger than ever before ever before

Your words like thunder in my head no path I make mine on my own

I live life like there is no tomorrow I know now