Come feb/1st/2020 we will be removing the bundles from the store in preparation for the album release! So get them while you can. I'm super stoked about this release I really just wanna throw it out there already so I figured, might as well drop a list of MY favorite songs;P 

1. Elliot (from the pain): I got the idea for this song off the show "The Magicians" which is one of my favorites! when Elliot looked at quinton and said "Magic doesn't come from talent. it comes from the pain." I lost my S#$% and new right then that this was a song that had to be made. Truly it wrote itself everything about it from the melody to the breakdowns, lyrics, guitar, drums, everything comes together in such a powerful way it just seems to shake you at your core. 

2. Captivating Current: This song is all about what you see when your listening to music. the things that make you get lost in your own little world from my perspective. "How can you define, this captivating current of light?" When your world is written in black and white music can be the thing that makes the difference. Let it pour from your soul and paint this world in the colour of sound.

3. From the Low: Ooo baby, this song was something interesting from start to finish. I very fondly refer to this song as my "tattoo" something you look at and it just fills you with purpose. Especially in surround sound with some good woofers it really turns into an otherworldly experience.

4. Prometheus: Greek mythology depicts prometheus as the saviour of man. He stole flame from Zeus and molded man from clay using the flame to bring life. For this betrayal he was made to have his liver eaten out by eagles everyday at noon. He was later set free by Hercules. To me this was an interesting concept to write about because I feel like it is not a story that is really well known and it may be the sap in me but I feel like it was one that deserved to be shared.

5. Avalanche: It's a story about a journey a road to a forge made in sound. Like some kind of abstract goal that takes so much time and heart that it bleeds into everything you do. Like a snowball gathering momentum and turning into a mighty avalanche. A will to make what you believe and a testament that even with odds stacked, despite popular opinion you can rise up. After all "I'm just chasing sounds and trying to mold um into something more than what I've found."


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