Go Home Revamped

With Luminosity not to far behind us we are already gearing up for the release of the much anticipated Go Home (Revamped). I know A lot of you guys that have heard my earlier music will attest to how far we have come since "Waking the Giant" This will no doubt blow your mind! With it comes some sweet new merch but don't be fooled because we are just getting started! I won't spoil too much but I CAN SAY there are at least 3 new songs set to be released in the coming months! One in particular I am super stoked about! If you check through the site and your emails sent via our list you may come to find some sneaky easter eggs hidden throughout the site. More updates to come! Be sure to follow us on your favorite streaming site if you haven't already! As for now Go Home is set to release the 17th of April! and we have added items such as a face mask, two different full print tanks and a t shirt featuring the album art as well as a 18' X 24' poster featuring the concept artwork. Head over to the merch store to check it out now!

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