1. Slow Fall

From the recordings Luminosity and Slow Fall

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Slow Fall is the 2nd teaser release of the album "luminosity" set to release in early 2020.


Slow Fall
{Are you following orders?

Am I calling a coroner?

The way you're following orders

You'll wind up needing a coroner}

[It's a very very slow fall go ahead and give it your all

And don't you dare stop now or you're never gonna figure

It out that you can be anything it's right there in your hands

If you can see what I'm thinking maybe you'd understand]

The electricity between you and me's keeping dreams alive on fire more than you could ever know that

Give a little break just a little time give a little sun it gets better keep rollin'

If I take a step gonna know it's mine tired of the back stage ready for the front line

Give a little rain just a little bit of strife fuck it bring the lightning imma be fine

Slow down before you hit the ground better break now

You're comin' in hot just don't look down

{Pre Chorus}


Don't be stressed just take your time

I see you out in the lights If you fall you'll be alright

Cause I know you're meant to fly

You were meant to be more than what they see

Fight thrive and be the greatest

INSTRUMENTAL BREAK "Be the greatest"

The way you're following orders "Step by"X3

You'll wind up needing a coroner "Left right"X3

Oh just don't go following orders "Step by"X3

Because you're not in a corner "Left right"X3

Oh don't go following orders "Step by step every step you take"

Cause you're not stuck in a corner "Every single step will be the death of me"

Don't go following orders cause you're not stuck in a corner