From the recording Luminosity

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Captivating Current is a song about making something out of thin air. It's about the process of making thoughts into reality. To me this song is audio alchemy.


Captivating Current
How can you define this captivating current light

How can you know I can show you so many beautiful things

Locked inside my mind

{If I could be the things I see when I lie awake I'm still dreaming

Let it show I need to know let me understand that it's not for nothing}

[Close your eyes find me there the sound you hear is my soul weeping
Rays of light guide you there a would
Made out of the color of sound]

Life is a river

A current pulling you in

Flowing forever

Even after another begins

Carving a crator

Eroding the path that it's in

Seperate serinaide appreciate

Carry me away



The color of sound