From the recording Luminosity

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Overcome addictions no matter what form they come at you in.


Burning Circles (Crackhead Song)

[One you pick yourself off the floor two you make your way to the door three you try to fight again step four we end where

We began and on and on and on it goes]

She sits there thinking bout her night ? wondering what put her sown this path she's headed oh go on and heat the glass and

Let it slip away makes it easier to cope with the pain -around-X5 it goes just burn it all away it ends to start another



And on and on and on it goes

She walks on edge most everyday drowning in the choices she can no longer make the light that's left to rise grows dimmer

Everytime what she wouldn't do to put the past away go on pick up the pipe it's calling out your name she throws it to the

Floor and sets the house a flame


No more reminders those four walls are what binds her the process starts to change the day she threw it all away


[Modified Chorus "four we -burn the circle let it end-X3"]